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Communicating Partners

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Other Workshops

The Communicating Partners program has been research and clinically applied in other setting that could be the focus of additional workshops as follows.

  1. Early intervention program with developmental delays. Infants at risk for developmental delays.
  2. Parent education programs Learning how children become communicative Effective strategies parents have used with late talking children.
  3. Autistic spectrum disorders: Developing social and communicative relationships.
  4. Down syndrome and other severe oral motor concerns
  5. Building Literacy and Communication together
  6. The Communicative Classroom Boiling social and communicative relationships in classrooms.
  7. Clinical demonstrations with Communicating Partners Live demonstrations with children at five levels of development; Interaction, nonverbal communication, Social language and Conversation and Civil behavior.

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Dr. James MacDonald 332 Mimring Columbus, Ohio 43202 Phone/Fax (614)447-0768 macdonaldj86@gmail.com