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Communicating Partners

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About Training Workshops and Seminars

Dr. MacDonald provides training that focuses on one question;

How can you help a child communicate and socialize more maturely and effectively in your relationship with the child, whether you are a parent, therapist, teacher or other kind of life partner.

The workshop is a summary of 30 years of research and clinical experience directed to the above question . The sources of the workshop material include the following.

  1. 30 years of studying and teaching about how typical and atypical children learn to have stable communicative relationships, both preverbally and verbally.
  2. Over 25 years of supervising students, therapists and teachers with hundreds of children with language delays.
  3. Over 25 years of direct clinical work with over 600 families with late talking children .
  4. Writing and management of 18 years of federally funded research and demonstration projects.
  5. Publication of over 30 articles and six books on early language development, with a focus on the role of parent child communication.
  6. Development of a series of intervention programs including, assessments and both parent -and professional -based teaching programs.
  7. Planning and supervising school-based language development programs.
  8. Special research and clinical focus on children with Autism, Down Syndrome, Severe motor disorder, and Behavior disorders.
  9. Currently, developing the Responsive Teaching curriculum for parent education of children at the developmental ages of birth to three, with a focus on children with delays, with Gerald Mahoney.
  10. Currently conducting the Communicating Partners Center, a service and resource practice, including therapy, continuing education, and Internet networking including a website and active list serve.