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Dr. MacDonald has written several books and hands-on guides for use by parents and professionals alike. These materials help you put into action the techniques he has discovered from his research at The Ohio State University, and through his private practice. To learn what each publication includes, select from the list.

We continue to have a "mail-in" order form which we invite you to print, fill in, and send to Dr. MacDonald with payment for the materials you order.

We are now offering the PayPal payment method as well for all materials on the site. To use PayPal, just click the "Add to Cart" button for each item you wish to purchase. You can review your shopping cart by pressing the View Cart button. When you have completed your order, you are asked for your email address, and your billing information. This information is sent to PayPal via a secure web page. Dr. MacDonald receives your order form via e-mail. When your order is filled, he informs PayPal, and they release your funds to Communication Partners. PayPal has developed a good reputation over the past several years as a simple, convenient and trustworthy payment method.

We encourage you to learn more about PayPal -- visit their web site.

Dr. James MacDonald 332 Mimring Columbus, Ohio 43202 Phone/Fax (614)447-0768 macdonaldj86@gmail.com