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About Dr. James D. MacDonald

Dr. James MacDonald has worked with over 1000 families, teaching them to be their children's most effective communication partners and has trained over 1500 therapists and teachers to work with language delayed children. "Dr. Jim" was a professor of Speech and Language pathology and Developmental disabilities at the Ohio State University from 1971 -1995. He directed the Parent Child Communication Clinic at the Nisonger Center during those years. In 1995, he took early retirement to devote his time to building parent-based programs and to direct the Communicating Partners Center.

In addition to teaching and clinical work, he directed federally funded research grants for l8 years with a focus on developing clinical approaches for preverbal and early verbal children. From the beginning, his overriding goal was to empower parents to be their children's primary social and communicative teachers in the home. He has written six books, over 50 professional papers, several books, and a series of training tapes (see Books, Videos, and Audio Tapes). He also publishes the national newsletter, COMMUNICATING PARTNERS, which provides updated guidelines for parents and professionals concerned about their children's communication development.