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DVD1 -- Shortcuts

"SHORT CUTS" is a DVD for you to practice the Communicating Partners' responsive program. It illustrates effective ways to communicate with children, based on over 35 years of clinical research with Late-talking children such as ones with Autism, Down syndrome, motor disorders and other delaying conditions. Professionals use it to improve their therapy and teaching. Parents use it to make their homes successful places to become social and communicative. Thirteen video samples show both preverbal and verbal children at five stages of development: Interaction, Nonverbal communication, Social language, Conversation, and Civil behavior.

The DVD comes with a manual that explains each demonstration and provides guides to use with your child. It illustrates the strategies discussed in the books Communicate with your child (2002) and Communicating Partners: 30+ years of research with "Late talking" children and their families. (2004). Parents and children use it as a model for playing together and learning how social play is a highly effective way to learn to communicate.

"SHORT CUTS" can help you and your child become daily communicating partners.

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price: $35

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