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Communicate With Your Child $25    
 Adult-Child Relationship Map $15    
Conversation Routines $15    
Before Your Child Talks $20    
Before Speech: a daily activity diary $15    
First Words: a daily activity diary. $15    
Communication and Literacy $10    
Preschool Communication Program $10    
ECO I: Communicating Partners, Introduction $35    
ECO II: The ECO approach for Adults communicating with children. $75    
ECO III: A parent partnership training model for late talking children. $35    
DVD1 -- Shortcuts $35    
DOWN SYNDROME - Demonstration Videos $20    
Jonathon, Mom and Dr. Jim-a communicative life
with a boy called autistic.
Audio Tapes   
AUTISM $10    
JODI and JOHN: A mother's six year story of recovery through autism. $10    
Shipping (see instructions above)   
Grand Total