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 Adult-Child Relationship Map

This is a series of studies and clinical reports based on over 20 years of social and communication programs with autistic children and their families. The manual includes the ARM (Adult-Child Relationship Map) which is an assessment and programming planning tool for helping autistic children become social and communicative. The focus of the ARM is to help children become social and communicative persons either before or in addition to traditional approaches to make them compliant students. The studies in the manual are based on the Communicating Partners model for intervention and have used several of the materials available on this publications list.

Contents include:

  1. Social and communicative needs of autistic children.
  2. The ARM (Adult-ChildRelationship Map): Child developmental guide.
  3. The ARM: Parent communication guide.
  4. Molly: a preverbal case study.
  5. John: a verbal case study.
  6. Discovery Center study: a parent-school cooperative program
  7. The Ohio State study: 25 individual parent programs.
  8. A communicative approach to "undesirable" behaviors.
  9. Appendix: The ARM, child and parent forms, for your use.

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