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What can I use to guide my communication with my child?

ACE: Adult Communication Effectiveness



__1. Keep child in more frequent & longer interactions __1. Play and act in ways child can act
__2. Interact frequently and as much as the child __2. Communicate in ways child can communicate
__3. Initiate contact with child __3. Communicate about what child is doing
__4. Respond to child __4. Talk in ways that show a next step
__5. Keep child in interactions __5. Be "childlike"(i.e. "Barbara-like" or "Mark-like")
__6. Communicate for a response then wait
__7. Keep a topic going
__8. Keep a back-and-forth flow going
__9. Wait; give child time to respond



__1. Respond to child's interests/small development steps __1. Share control with child
__2. Respond to child's pace--wait for the child __2. Follow child's lead occasionally
__3. Respond to child's changes __3. Show the child the lead occasionally
__4. Respond to child's actions as communications __4. Increase comments
__5. Respond to child's nonverbal communication __5. Decrease questions
__6. Respond to child's language __6. Decrease commands and directives
__7. Respond to child's emotions __7. Limit questions to authentic ones
__8. Respond less to immature communications __8. Allow child to have freedom to have his say
__9. Respond to inappropriate behavior by waiting silently
__1. Actively enjoy the child ____________________________________
__2. Make the child feel comfortable ____________________________________
__3. Show a child-like, playful style ____________________________________
__4. Feel competent with child ____________________________________
__5. Actively reduce pressure ____________________________________
__6. Be animated ____________________________________
__7. Reduce nonverbal judgments and criticisms ____________________________________
__8. Reduce verbal judgments and criticisms ____________________________________

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