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Environmental Barriers

Your child's communication will change in different environments. As people, activities and stimulation changes around your child so will his communication. Many children communicate more often and more easily in some situations and rarely or with difficulty in others. When your child is learning to communicate, you can help him do so by ensuring that he spends considerable time in environments that make communicating easy and enjoyable.


Use this scale to discover what might interfere with your child's natural learning to communicate. Then, start making changes in the ones you can most easily change. The goal is to make your environment more actively allow and help your child interact first, then communicate.

  1. ____Partners act in ways the child cannot try to do
  2. ____Partners talk in ways the child cannot try to do
  3. ____Child spends little one on one time with people
  4. ____His living environment is noisy
  5. ____His visual environment is distracting
  6. ____He has few boundaries to limit his behavior
  7. ____His peers are overwhelming
  8. ____His environment allows few successes
  9. ____He has little access to quiet time
  10. ____People rarely enter into the child's choice and style of play
  11. ____Interactions with people are very brief
  12. ____His environment discourages communication
  13. ____His environment encourages more solo than social behavior
  14. ____Teaching focuses more on performance than conversation
  15. ____His environment encourages passive behavior
  16. ____His environment offers too many choices
  17. ____ He is not allowed enough time at an activity
  18. ____ He is expected to do things on his own without modeling
  19. ____He is regularly corrected and criticized
  20. ____He is regularly pressured to do difficult things.

What barriers will you start changing to help your child communicate?

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